In which Stiles and Derek own a tattoo parlor.

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There’s nothing in here about Kate…

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based on this lovely post.

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Derek Hale, Fangs and Colors

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There is definitely something wrong with Derek. This is anger. He can’t control himself anymore. And his anger used to anchor him. I think this is where Stiles steps in as his new anchor. 

And this rises the question: does Derek know that his anchor has changed? Because the dream in 3x24 was Derek’s subconcious leading him to Stiles, but we still don’t know if he’s actually aware of what his trust in Stiles means.

He’s also spent the last 2 months (probably) unconscious and then there was the whole deaged thing… It’s possible he’s not realized yet what has replaced anger as his anchor.

Hoechlin has talked before about Derek changing his anchor and he said something about finding a family in Stiles, Scott and the others. Now, I don’t know if Derek has realized this, but I am sure that he doesn’t realize yet that Stiles alone has anything to do with it. That remains to be played out. And I’m pretty sure it will, especially when there are rumors that the 3x24 dream scene will be shown on an ‘previously on teen wolf’ bit, so at the very least it will be addressed.

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What the hell are we even doing down here? We have like a hundred and seventeen million problems, and worrying about our status on the lacrosse team is not one of them…

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